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changed again... [07 Feb 2005|06:59pm]
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[07 Feb 2005|12:56am]
Under The Couch changed the time for our show. It's now at 6:59. Buuuut the good news is that our friends the MAGNIFICENT MISFORTUNE 500 will be playing now!!! Dudes. Seriously. This show will rock. I'm not one for confidence but I promise you all that if you show up to this you will not regret it.

In playing every show like its your last,

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Be there or be raised to the second power. [01 Feb 2005|04:21pm]
[ mood | excited ]

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its christmas time again... [19 Dec 2004|12:19am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

hello there!

Alex,me and lincoln want to personally thank everyone for coming to the battle of the bands December 17th. Everyone did an amazing job (the bands) and everyone deserved some sort of reward. I was entranced with the entire event along with the maturity and setup involved by Courts of Praise. It has definitely been our best show yet and even though we only played three songs it still rocked....hard...
anyways...enough rambling.

Only Other Friend is currently working on a new site. we will eventually have it up and running but in the meantime please check out www.onlyotherfriend.net it will redirect you to myspace.com for music and such until we finish making the site really pretty and nice. Maybe we can get a merch section up as well so you guys can finally buy stuff from us! which would put money in our pockets....and....would not make me skinny anymore...

SO!! thanks once again! please keep coming to the shows. keep listening to the music. and of course...

rock on.

--elliott, alex, lincoln

p.s. i also wanted to add that lincoln's the newest member of Only Other Friend and everything is absolutely amazing and so surreal to me and alex now. He's an amazing friend and very talented musician. We're very thankful to have him on board with us and hopefully for a very long time.

happy holidays =)

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Upcoming Show! [14 Dec 2004|04:35pm]
Greetings Citizens,

This is alex coming to you live from elliott's apartment. We just finished our practice session for the upcoming BATTLE OF THE BANDS in lagrange.. You should all come out and hear it, it will rock your pants.

Yes. Your pants.

Here's the info:

The Battle of the Bands
Confirmed Bands:
-The Promise Drive (Zac Wisener, Geoff Abaar, Richard Wade, Ricky Hess)
-Siren (Matt Thompson, Patrick Hill, Josh Horne)
-Her Roman Conspiracy
-Only Other Friend (Elliot McHugh, Alex Overall)
-Ice Ministry (Patrick Mote, Jeff Cook, Jeremy Cosper)
-Awaiting Amber
-Laura Drive
Courts of Praise Church
1904 Hamilton Road
LaGrange, GA 30240

Date and Time-
FRIDAY, December 17th, 2004. 7:30-11


Also, our good friend DR. LINCOLN JONES will be joining us on drums!

You can hear new demos elliott made of the songs we'll be playing at


So come out to hear some bands.. including yours truly... and DANCE!!! EVERYBODY DANCE!!!!!!

Rock? Rock.


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can i check my email? [09 Aug 2004|12:38am]
emily's up for the weekend...i'll be heading to her house on tuesday so i'll update more when im there...maybe by that time someone may have ordered our cd already other than myself haha....i dunno

anyways i discovered a whole other world to lagrange today...this place that i thought only could exist in my dreams...and i can't explain much of it now in detail...i dont have too much time to do so...but i will later...

so yeah... buy our cd...it will do your body good =)

alex is leaving thursday...and i wont see him while im away in douglasville... so i MUST see him tuesday or tomorrow...

its sad...complete sadness...and i dont know how im going to handle it all... but i'll try i guess...

love ya alex....dont feel like saying goodbye...

love and lucidity always,
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three words on a journal cover...all washed to sea [07 Aug 2004|11:20pm]
so yeah...our EP is out and online for purchase! you must immediately go here http://www.dollarcd.com/onlyotherfriend
and purchase our cd! its only one dollar for goodness sakes and with shipping only three!! thats a great deal if you ask me...and im not too sure that WE get any money out of that haha but you know...its comforting to know someone or...some 'thing' is getting some enjoyment out of our music

anyways people...PLEASE SUPPORT US! buy our cd's! buy some for your friends! get us out there ....lord knows we've tried our hardest...

anyways..please buy it....haha it'd be so rad

i just said 'rad'..... right on phillip buchan!

oh...and i did buy some so whoever wants one can come to me as well...when they arrive on my doorstep which will hopefully be soon

love and lucidity always,

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and these teeth are a ladder up to her mouth... [07 Aug 2004|02:34am]
[ mood | drained ]

Wow. Only Other Friend did quite well at the Fountain City Coffee shop Thursday night (and why am i talking in third person...someone please slap me). Annnnnnyways...our set list went as follows:

Is there really a happily ever after...
im suffocating
this faulty heart
someone told me
in colorado
picture perfect sundown
how to disappear completely (radiohead cover)

there you have it...a solid thirty minute peformance of nonstop rocking out...and ive heard the 'ladies' were groovin all night looooooooooooong (previous statement not to be taken seriously)

and i must say alex did a beautiful job singing his parts on hummingbird and also playing the cello...so a huge pat on the back and hug for my best friend and bandmate 'ANGUS'

we both appreciate everyone that made it to the show as well...Davis, Emily, Susie, Tony, Kandis, Amanda, BJ and his friends that still attend church, the mormons that im sure suspected a sinister subtext behind our music but didnt bother me b/c they looked so content to be there and happy with life, anna and jessica, and everyone else that made it there...
however, it was a huge bummer that anna, jessica, kandis and amanda made it at the last minute and basically missed our whole set.... but emily filmed it so they got to watch it when they got to my apartment =) which im sure wasn't as enjoyable

anywho...enough rambling and thank you's...

i have news and updates on our EP... like alex said it probably wont be until another couple of weeks...probably 3 at the latest...but we WILL inform everyone when we have it in stock (haha that sounds so professional)

only other friend WILL be playing another show at the fountain city coffee shop on FRIDAY THE 13th...and HOW appropriate i must say...since that is my favorite NON holiday type of.....deal.... *shakes head*

the only bummer is alex wont be able to make it but i will take over and support our band by myself...while alex basks in a naked, fleshy pit of college girls and prostitutes in atlanta...(or just moving in still from the night before)
he will be terribly missed....and i hate playing without him but if it means to get our music out there then i'll do it =)

and i think we'll be playing again in september sometime as well so...keep checkin back here if you really want to know whats goin on...

you know its really funny...i have no idea if ANYONE even checks this damn site.... haha it'd be a huge disappointment if that were true...so...if anyone isnt feeling too lazy right now and you read this entire entry... please post a comment or something to let me know haha b/c that'd be comforting

ALSO! if you saw the show and would like to comment on it...please either reply to this post or just email onlyotherfriend@yahoo.com with your hate or love

love and lucidity always,


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[01 Aug 2004|02:32am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so.. it looks like this thursday, only other friend will be making its first live appearance since the recording of the Say Goodnight to Starlight EP. There's a little coffee shop in downtown columbus called Fountain City Coffee... I'm not sure about their music scene (elliott says its pretty cool.. so if it sucks, lets just blame him, okay?... if its cool I get all the credit)... I've had their coffee before.. so even if everything else sucks, you can still have some decent coffee. From what I understand it's possible to play a decent set there during their open mics... so we'll be there. not sure what we'll play yet.. but it should be good fun. we might head out to the riverwalk and play there too.. random parkbench hobo style. if you're in the neighborhood stop by and maybe you can see us. if you're really interested in coming, give us a call or IM [alex: paleblueshadows (AIM), elliott: onlyotherfriend (AIM)] ... who knows... the EP is out for manufacture, so copies should be here.. anywhere from 1-6 weeks from now... how specific.. but once we know.. you'll know. but in the meantime we're putting together a little promo disc that you can have for free... some new stuff.. some old stuff... courtesy de us. anyway... i'm about to pass out.


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Dear Everybody, [19 Jul 2004|08:49pm]

You must go here:


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light a match a kill the shame... [18 Jul 2004|02:01am]
[ mood | accomplished ]


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wow....<insert Mr. Slave character from south park's voice here> JESUTH CHRIIIEEST....

alex and me have COMPLETED OUR FIRST EP!!!

how exciting =) we drove around all night tonight listening to it to check out the quality and stuff...it was excellent! so...hmmm yeah... we've been around each other for 12 hours or so... and jesus...alex just told me that im basically rambling on like a virgin on prom night...(hence being so excited and nervous..mwahahaha)
hehe just kiddin we're both tired...and im stupid

if you would like a copy of our EP pleeeeeeeeeeease please please email us with your address and all the OBVIOUS details involved in mailing something to someone
me and alex would really appreciate all the help we can get...and fan base in promoting our music...it would be awesome

http://www.geocities.com/onlyotherfriend (it's at the top as well)

spread the word...

Only Other Friend
--Say Goodnight to Starlight(EP)--
July 17, 2004

thanks much! keep rockin

--Elliott and Alex
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go sit in those empty seats... [26 Jun 2004|03:51am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

wow...long time no update. what else is new? alex graduated, went to canada, has been to columbus a whole bunch with tony and his parents, i've seen him like...it seems like once this whole year...even though i know i shouldnt be selfish and say that...but i love the guy...and he's my boy (haha im stupid) but everyone make sure you congratulate him on graduating...im very proud of alex...and i never let him know this very much... he DID, however, get a new livejournal site so..make sure you go and read his entries everyday..i promise you they'll induce magnificent dreamscapes upon ocular consumption =)


i love you alex =) *hugs*

on a more musical note...next weekend (a week after today...which is the 25th) i will be in lagrange recording and debating our debut album with alex...im very very excited about this and couldnt be more nervous at the same time...it's great! i think we're shooting for an LP instead of an EP...we have too many songs that we feel we just CAN'T leave off the album...so...hopefully someone will hear our stuff and like it instead of throwing it into the trash...b/c i couldnt stand the thought of someone tossing our music, our emotions, our everything literally into the freggin trashcan... *(sighs)* maybe im just a baby and can't handle the truth...*shrugs*

anyways...i think these will be the songs on our debut LP

I'm Suffocating(dont be alarmed I mean it figuratively)
--this song MIGHT or MIGHT NOT be on the album...we decided that it is definitely more of a live song...a song that just doesnt nor CAN belong trapped on a cd...it's too powerful...too emotional to stand by itself on digital audio devices...i duuuuunno...i guess we'll have to figure it out when we meet up together next friday...and record to see how it'll sound... what do you guys think?

the second song and so on will be as follows(but not in any particular order):

all things are ephemeral
is there really 'happily ever after?'
this faulty heart
Music in A Jar (this one is up to alex since he's heard it already)
mana/fata morgana (title might change)
You Are Pretty, Pitiful
For Caroline
in colorado
picture perfect sundown
a taste of tuesday

and if i've left a couple off then it's b/c we haven't really discussed it still...

anywho...next friday = recording SOMETHING...whether it be white noise or whatever the hell...something we should have done a LONG LONG time ago and will finally get to do...

although i CAN'T help but feel that SOMETHING or SOMEONE put this off for us until now...for what reason?

i guess we'll never know...

all i can say is...

go sit in those empty seats...



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momma, buy me this!! [23 Apr 2004|12:15pm]
Some might say that I'm slightly... off.

Sometimes i have ideas that seem a little bit strange.. but they obviously brilliant... Right?.... RIGHT!!!!!!????!? Ok well.. since we've settled on that fact... i have to show everyone my vision for the future. I swear i had a divine revelation from god...

God: Sup Alex
Alex: Whats up, G?
God: same ole, same ole ya know... killing some people... saving some people..
Alex: Sounds like fun.. well umm.. what can i do for you?
God: well i've got a vision for you.
Alex: Whoa whoa whoa.. count me out Gangsta, I dont play that 'vision' crap.. you know that... i mean the next thing you know.. you'll have me handling snakes and handing out those creepy ass pamphlets in the bathroom. No sir... no
God: Chill.. This isnt that kind of vision
Alex: Come again?
God: Yes, Alex. The vision you've been waiting for.
Alex: oh goody!
God: Yes... the ultimate party machine... thats what i want you to do alex.. acquire the ultimate party machine.
Alex: what do you mean?
God: Alex are you aware of an invention called pop up camper trailers?
Alex: Uhh...
God: Imagine alex.. on the road.. with a little room behind your car... you'd get all the ladies, i swear!
Alex: oookay.. whatever you say.

yeah.. it went something like that...

so if anyone would be kind enough.. please buy me..


Pop up campers are way cool.. like its fine if its somewhat scuzzy.. but i think its probably the best invention since the lightbulb... and that rotiserie thing that RONCO sells at 2 am on channel 43.

But since they seem to be kinda pricy.. i figured out an alternative.
My idea is to get a flat bed trailer like people carry lawnmowers on.. and a metal storage building... and combine them.. i swear.. it would be sweeet.

God: Yeah it would be really cool, dudez! I r0X0rz your b0X0rzzzzz! I M L33T.

i would include an actual picture of this.. but since i'm at school i dont have access to photoshop.. so i'll do the best i can with paint! see if you can follow my visionary...er... vision...

(several minutes later.)

ARGH!! FUCK. stupid fucking bess the dog wont let me upload anything.. so umm... i'll have to figure something out later... but ill tell you.. it sure is cool...


elliott and i are going to jam out tonight ... he's got a new guitar.. but ill let you hear about it from him....

later, yo.

-angus (alex)
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pieces mended...for good (i hope) [19 Apr 2004|12:20am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so...in light of the last update...this is what i have discovered since said update....

--jeff leaves the early november.
--jeff calls the early november and says he just wants a break
--jeff calls the early november back and says 'im quitting for good'
--the early november plays a few shows without jeff
--jeff calls the early november and says he's made a mistake and wants to join the band again
--the early november accepts...and he will now start touring with them again...

so...a terse summary

jeff leaves the early november. jeff returns to the early november.

end of update =)

now i am happy and can get some sleep


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step melancholia: how to form a tragedy... [19 Apr 2004|12:10am]
yeah...so the drummer for the early november decided to quit the band...for personal reasons...

i dont understand how someone could quit a band after playing with them for three straight years...the drummer no less! who was an awesome person and addition to the band as well...this just breaks my heart..the early november are amazing...and i feel like this shouldnt be happening... maybe im just stupid...i dunno...but i makes no sense...*sniffles*

will update later tomorrow about the weekend in lagrange...


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"whatcha gownna do with that?" [16 Apr 2004|12:40pm]

Here i sit.. in law class.... eagerly awaiting my emancipation into the wide world of the lagrange high lunchitorium. oy vey.. my partner in crime elliott the wonder boy is calling my cell phone and i cant answer it in class... oops. oh well.. the dork was like

"hey alex i'm stupid..

i'm a really big loser...

i have something to tell you

*spills coke on self*

oops... i'll call you back."

ergh.... i really wanna know what he's talking about.. something with something about our music.. so ergh... excitement! ! ! i'm going to have to kick his ass when i see him this afternoon.. yeah thats it! violence is the answer to all of our problems... Psych! (yeah.. i said it.. what?).. hmm lets check in at the alex news desk to see whats happening..

well, jim... i've signed with GA TECH.. so i will definitely be going there in the fall... its pretty exciting and scary as hell. atlanta is a helluva city.. and tech is a great college.. but i'm sort of at a loss for what i want to study.. they have a rather cool major called Science, Technology and Culture that is like... english/journalism/media studies--- those are all things that i would be quite interested to study.. but i'm unsure of the practicality behind it :-/.. the other thing i'm contemplating is industrial design.. which seems to be a subset of architecture.. designing the human interactive side of technology... i guess i should make a decision soon.... then theres Internation Affairs/Modern Language... pretty self explanatory... i could like be a CIA agent and go big brother on everyone.. that would be rather cool... advice would be MOST helpful because i cant make decisions for myself... i talked to some cool kids from GA TECH on AIM last night.. so i'm thinking it wont be quite as socially awkward up there as i felt at Connect with tech.. but thats what i get for being a freaking shy bastard... oh well...

its fried chicken day at LHS.. so you know what that means....

eat or be eaten..

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in this town you thought that fun would last... [13 Apr 2004|06:54pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

about to watch THE OTHERS with jonathan. the weather drastically changed in columbus today...its 47 degrees right now...yesterday it was 75 nearly...how insane is that?? so we both decided that its gorgeous weather to watch a gorgeous movie...so...hmmmm i suppose that's really all i have to say at this moment in time...

registration blew...the server was extremely crowded and i couldnt get into the ISIS department and ended up losing two classes i wanted...*sighs* dont go to college...

3D is a major bitch as well...i have no time to do anything with music until school lets out...and its killing me

will update i suppose when i have more to say on the music scene...


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when gasoline made love to matches... [13 Apr 2004|12:32am]
lethargy stained my brain today. no work whatsoever occurred but a rather insipid, elongated cloudline loomed over my entire motivation process...had no desire to write/record any music. my girlfriend helped me load me and alex's music onto a new site in conjunction with www.mp3.com. she's been very helpful in this grueling process and has done so much to try and support only other friend...she is my BIGGEST fan...and always will be. thank you baby...you are amazing =)

alex...the only problem with the site thus far is that it keeps requesting that our songs be converted to 192kbps and should not exceed the size limit...i can't remember the limit so i'll get back to you on it...but its really really annoying me and i can't take much more of the internet melodrama...technology...*shakes head* i will be coming home this weekend as well to work on my final 3D project which i MUST COMPLETE and do WELL...in order to make a decent grade in the class...what can i say man 3D isnt' my thing...annnnnnnyways...i hope you are doing okay...i feel that the other night really hurt us both...i dont like those types of conversations between us...i really really can't handle them...but you know how i feel about you and with the matter...i just hope you believe what i say to you...everything is honesty and truth...
in the meantime jonathan found something on the internet which could be the funniest or sickest/absurd thing i have ever seen in my life ... check it out man
hope you enjoy yourself there...its crazy

well man im going to hit the sack...im extremely tired and have to wake up at 6:00 A.M. to sign up for classes...yes...its INSANE....
love you more than you know man...

once again.me versus me.with no steering wheel.wishing to find.which one should lead.with out hurting me.cause every flower I help fix.has been the saddest lame excuse.to say love me.love me.but everytime someone would mind.and give their big hand to me.I'd show it all.though you're all that I need...

(will write a review on the new last days of april cd for those who haven't heard it yet...absolutely pure genius...i could die listening to this cd...over...and over)


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are you dead or are you sleeping? [12 Apr 2004|06:10pm]
ahoy mateys...

oy.. its the monday after spring break.. back to ye ole grind.... its rough.. for those of you who dont know... if you are deciding how to spend spring break... these are three things to avoid:

1.) Sobriety
2.) Your Parents
3.) Alabama

I had the great misfortune of having all of them!! Yay! Go me!.. oh well at least i got to go to school and hear everyone's stories of their grand adventures and conquests... i had some fun though.. played guitar on the beach and alll
...DAH!!! a light just turned on in my room and umm.. i didnt do it... shit! anyway..
i listened to a lot of music, notably (as elliott mentioned) the new modest mouse lp, good news for people who love bad news.. its "really fuckkkkinnnnnn goood" anyway.. hopefully soon elliott and i will have more music online on some new mp3-serv thing... we shall see... links will be posted of course..

i think i will gather up my fat ass and go look for some grub now..

peace (yo),
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i found my love in an aerosol can... [12 Apr 2004|12:06am]
[ mood | anxious ]

since i guess there's no term for easter instead of 'happy easter' when its really the day Christ rose from the grave...and the fact that we all worship a giant bunny rabbit with huge, macabre, commodious eyes that supposedly visits your house and delivers candy and other cavity inducing substances...(monty python rabbit...*shiver*)i guess i'll just say 'happy ascension from the dead day'...or maybe something that doesnt sound so tenebrous...or you know..an intended witty remark for a chuckle or two...which...it isnt...and yeah...im just putting my foot in my mouth...so i'll just acknowledge the fact that He did rise from the grave on easter sunday for all of us...hopefully everyone DID acknowledge that...better than i did at least...i feel horrible for it...and i have no excuse nor should i have one for not remembering such a beautiful day...*sighs*

not much to update about today...for one im extremely tired once again (when am i not) and im waking up early tomorrow for class....*vomits* so i must get sleep...in order to survive the WRATH OF PATE!!!

more musical splendor for your needy eyes tomorrow


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