Only Other Friend (onlyotherfriend) wrote,
Only Other Friend

are you dead or are you sleeping?

ahoy mateys...

oy.. its the monday after spring break.. back to ye ole grind.... its rough.. for those of you who dont know... if you are deciding how to spend spring break... these are three things to avoid:

1.) Sobriety
2.) Your Parents
3.) Alabama

I had the great misfortune of having all of them!! Yay! Go me!.. oh well at least i got to go to school and hear everyone's stories of their grand adventures and conquests... i had some fun though.. played guitar on the beach and alll
...DAH!!! a light just turned on in my room and umm.. i didnt do it... shit! anyway..
i listened to a lot of music, notably (as elliott mentioned) the new modest mouse lp, good news for people who love bad news.. its "really fuckkkkinnnnnn goood" anyway.. hopefully soon elliott and i will have more music online on some new mp3-serv thing... we shall see... links will be posted of course..

i think i will gather up my fat ass and go look for some grub now..

peace (yo),
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