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go sit in those empty seats...

wow...long time no update. what else is new? alex graduated, went to canada, has been to columbus a whole bunch with tony and his parents, i've seen him seems like once this whole year...even though i know i shouldnt be selfish and say that...but i love the guy...and he's my boy (haha im stupid) but everyone make sure you congratulate him on very proud of alex...and i never let him know this very much... he DID, however, get a new livejournal site so..make sure you go and read his entries everyday..i promise you they'll induce magnificent dreamscapes upon ocular consumption =)

i love you alex =) *hugs*

on a more musical weekend (a week after today...which is the 25th) i will be in lagrange recording and debating our debut album with very very excited about this and couldnt be more nervous at the same's great! i think we're shooting for an LP instead of an EP...we have too many songs that we feel we just CAN'T leave off the someone will hear our stuff and like it instead of throwing it into the trash...b/c i couldnt stand the thought of someone tossing our music, our emotions, our everything literally into the freggin trashcan... *(sighs)* maybe im just a baby and can't handle the truth...*shrugs*

anyways...i think these will be the songs on our debut LP

I'm Suffocating(dont be alarmed I mean it figuratively)
--this song MIGHT or MIGHT NOT be on the album...we decided that it is definitely more of a live song...a song that just doesnt nor CAN belong trapped on a's too powerful...too emotional to stand by itself on digital audio devices...i duuuuunno...i guess we'll have to figure it out when we meet up together next friday...and record to see how it'll sound... what do you guys think?

the second song and so on will be as follows(but not in any particular order):

all things are ephemeral
is there really 'happily ever after?'
this faulty heart
Music in A Jar (this one is up to alex since he's heard it already)
mana/fata morgana (title might change)
You Are Pretty, Pitiful
For Caroline
in colorado
picture perfect sundown
a taste of tuesday

and if i've left a couple off then it's b/c we haven't really discussed it still... friday = recording SOMETHING...whether it be white noise or whatever the hell...something we should have done a LONG LONG time ago and will finally get to do...

although i CAN'T help but feel that SOMETHING or SOMEONE put this off for us until now...for what reason?

i guess we'll never know...

all i can say is...

go sit in those empty seats...


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