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and these teeth are a ladder up to her mouth...

Wow. Only Other Friend did quite well at the Fountain City Coffee shop Thursday night (and why am i talking in third person...someone please slap me). Annnnnnyways...our set list went as follows:

Is there really a happily ever after...
im suffocating
this faulty heart
someone told me
in colorado
picture perfect sundown
how to disappear completely (radiohead cover)

there you have it...a solid thirty minute peformance of nonstop rocking out...and ive heard the 'ladies' were groovin all night looooooooooooong (previous statement not to be taken seriously)

and i must say alex did a beautiful job singing his parts on hummingbird and also playing the a huge pat on the back and hug for my best friend and bandmate 'ANGUS'

we both appreciate everyone that made it to the show as well...Davis, Emily, Susie, Tony, Kandis, Amanda, BJ and his friends that still attend church, the mormons that im sure suspected a sinister subtext behind our music but didnt bother me b/c they looked so content to be there and happy with life, anna and jessica, and everyone else that made it there...
however, it was a huge bummer that anna, jessica, kandis and amanda made it at the last minute and basically missed our whole set.... but emily filmed it so they got to watch it when they got to my apartment =) which im sure wasn't as enjoyable

anywho...enough rambling and thank you's...

i have news and updates on our EP... like alex said it probably wont be until another couple of weeks...probably 3 at the latest...but we WILL inform everyone when we have it in stock (haha that sounds so professional)

only other friend WILL be playing another show at the fountain city coffee shop on FRIDAY THE 13th...and HOW appropriate i must say...since that is my favorite NON holiday type *shakes head*

the only bummer is alex wont be able to make it but i will take over and support our band by myself...while alex basks in a naked, fleshy pit of college girls and prostitutes in atlanta...(or just moving in still from the night before)
he will be terribly missed....and i hate playing without him but if it means to get our music out there then i'll do it =)

and i think we'll be playing again in september sometime as well so...keep checkin back here if you really want to know whats goin on...

you know its really funny...i have no idea if ANYONE even checks this damn site.... haha it'd be a huge disappointment if that were anyone isnt feeling too lazy right now and you read this entire entry... please post a comment or something to let me know haha b/c that'd be comforting

ALSO! if you saw the show and would like to comment on it...please either reply to this post or just email with your hate or love

love and lucidity always,

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