Only Other Friend (onlyotherfriend) wrote,
Only Other Friend

three words on a journal cover...all washed to sea

so yeah...our EP is out and online for purchase! you must immediately go here
and purchase our cd! its only one dollar for goodness sakes and with shipping only three!! thats a great deal if you ask me...and im not too sure that WE get any money out of that haha but you know...its comforting to know someone or...some 'thing' is getting some enjoyment out of our music

anyways people...PLEASE SUPPORT US! buy our cd's! buy some for your friends! get us out there ....lord knows we've tried our hardest...

anyways..please buy it....haha it'd be so rad

i just said 'rad'..... right on phillip buchan!

oh...and i did buy some so whoever wants one can come to me as well...when they arrive on my doorstep which will hopefully be soon

love and lucidity always,

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