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i found my love in an aerosol can...

since i guess there's no term for easter instead of 'happy easter' when its really the day Christ rose from the grave...and the fact that we all worship a giant bunny rabbit with huge, macabre, commodious eyes that supposedly visits your house and delivers candy and other cavity inducing substances...(monty python rabbit...*shiver*)i guess i'll just say 'happy ascension from the dead day'...or maybe something that doesnt sound so tenebrous...or you intended witty remark for a chuckle or isnt...and just putting my foot in my i'll just acknowledge the fact that He did rise from the grave on easter sunday for all of us...hopefully everyone DID acknowledge that...better than i did at least...i feel horrible for it...and i have no excuse nor should i have one for not remembering such a beautiful day...*sighs*

not much to update about today...for one im extremely tired once again (when am i not) and im waking up early tomorrow for class....*vomits* so i must get order to survive the WRATH OF PATE!!!

more musical splendor for your needy eyes tomorrow

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