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when gasoline made love to matches...

lethargy stained my brain today. no work whatsoever occurred but a rather insipid, elongated cloudline loomed over my entire motivation process...had no desire to write/record any music. my girlfriend helped me load me and alex's music onto a new site in conjunction with she's been very helpful in this grueling process and has done so much to try and support only other friend...she is my BIGGEST fan...and always will be. thank you are amazing =)

alex...the only problem with the site thus far is that it keeps requesting that our songs be converted to 192kbps and should not exceed the size limit...i can't remember the limit so i'll get back to you on it...but its really really annoying me and i can't take much more of the internet*shakes head* i will be coming home this weekend as well to work on my final 3D project which i MUST COMPLETE and do order to make a decent grade in the class...what can i say man 3D isnt' my thing...annnnnnnyways...i hope you are doing okay...i feel that the other night really hurt us both...i dont like those types of conversations between us...i really really can't handle them...but you know how i feel about you and with the matter...i just hope you believe what i say to you...everything is honesty and truth...
in the meantime jonathan found something on the internet which could be the funniest or sickest/absurd thing i have ever seen in my life ... check it out man
hope you enjoy yourself there...its crazy

well man im going to hit the extremely tired and have to wake up at 6:00 A.M. to sign up for classes...yes...its INSANE....
love you more than you know man...

once versus me.with no steering wheel.wishing to find.which one should lead.with out hurting me.cause every flower I help fix.has been the saddest lame say love me.but everytime someone would mind.and give their big hand to me.I'd show it all.though you're all that I need...

(will write a review on the new last days of april cd for those who haven't heard it yet...absolutely pure genius...i could die listening to this cd...over...and over)


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