Only Other Friend (onlyotherfriend) wrote,
Only Other Friend

"whatcha gownna do with that?"


Here i sit.. in law class.... eagerly awaiting my emancipation into the wide world of the lagrange high lunchitorium. oy vey.. my partner in crime elliott the wonder boy is calling my cell phone and i cant answer it in class... oops. oh well.. the dork was like

"hey alex i'm stupid..

i'm a really big loser...

i have something to tell you

*spills coke on self*

oops... i'll call you back."

ergh.... i really wanna know what he's talking about.. something with something about our music.. so ergh... excitement! ! ! i'm going to have to kick his ass when i see him this afternoon.. yeah thats it! violence is the answer to all of our problems... Psych! (yeah.. i said it.. what?).. hmm lets check in at the alex news desk to see whats happening..

well, jim... i've signed with GA TECH.. so i will definitely be going there in the fall... its pretty exciting and scary as hell. atlanta is a helluva city.. and tech is a great college.. but i'm sort of at a loss for what i want to study.. they have a rather cool major called Science, Technology and Culture that is like... english/journalism/media studies--- those are all things that i would be quite interested to study.. but i'm unsure of the practicality behind it :-/.. the other thing i'm contemplating is industrial design.. which seems to be a subset of architecture.. designing the human interactive side of technology... i guess i should make a decision soon.... then theres Internation Affairs/Modern Language... pretty self explanatory... i could like be a CIA agent and go big brother on everyone.. that would be rather cool... advice would be MOST helpful because i cant make decisions for myself... i talked to some cool kids from GA TECH on AIM last night.. so i'm thinking it wont be quite as socially awkward up there as i felt at Connect with tech.. but thats what i get for being a freaking shy bastard... oh well...

its fried chicken day at LHS.. so you know what that means....

eat or be eaten..

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