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its christmas time again...

hello there!

Alex,me and lincoln want to personally thank everyone for coming to the battle of the bands December 17th. Everyone did an amazing job (the bands) and everyone deserved some sort of reward. I was entranced with the entire event along with the maturity and setup involved by Courts of Praise. It has definitely been our best show yet and even though we only played three songs it still rocked....hard...
anyways...enough rambling.

Only Other Friend is currently working on a new site. we will eventually have it up and running but in the meantime please check out it will redirect you to for music and such until we finish making the site really pretty and nice. Maybe we can get a merch section up as well so you guys can finally buy stuff from us! which would put money in our pockets....and....would not make me skinny anymore...

SO!! thanks once again! please keep coming to the shows. keep listening to the music. and of course...

rock on.

--elliott, alex, lincoln

p.s. i also wanted to add that lincoln's the newest member of Only Other Friend and everything is absolutely amazing and so surreal to me and alex now. He's an amazing friend and very talented musician. We're very thankful to have him on board with us and hopefully for a very long time.

happy holidays =)
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